Dope Dyed Yarn

Innovation in dyeing process


What is dope dyed yarn?

Dope dyed yarn is an environmentally friendly and efficient innovation in the dyeing process.

Instead of the usual piece dyeing, in which the yarn is knitted or weaved first into a fabric, which is then dyed as a whole, dope dyed yarn is the opposite. As the name suggests, the yarn itself is dyed to a pre-selected amount of colours, which are then used to create the desired fabric.

Environmentally friendly

Dope dye yarn can significantly reduce the pollution during production.

Efficient Process

Dyeing the yarn directly saves time during order process usually reserved for lab-dips.

Excellent Colour Fastness

The fibers are fully impregnated with pigment since colorant is added before knitting.

Dope Dyed Yarn

  • Fibers and filaments are coloured before knitting
  • Shorter lead time due to avoiding the dying process: buyers know precisely the colours before they order
  • Excellent colour fastness, resistant to multiple washing, great for bright colours, resistant to UV fade
  • No water is used during the dope dyeing process, chemicals and carbon is reduced, low energy use

Piece Dye

  • Fibers and filaments are knitted first and then coloured, offering a larger selection of colours
  • Longer lead time due to the need to verify the colours first via lab-dips
  • Colour fastness depending on used material and other factors, but generally worst than the dope dye
  • Production is not environmentally friendly, with high water, CO2, chemical and power consumtion