Dealing with the Post-COVID Industry

The sudden strike of the virus has caught most of the world unprepared. The responses are different in each corner of the planet, some more successful some less. One thing remains constant: the pandemic will change the way we do business. More difficult travelling, for work or leisure, with the risk of border closures and enforced quarantines. Exhibitions cancelled or postponed. Focus on online supply chain management. Immediate economic struggle.

There are positives too, and we can foresee opportunities arising from the situation. One example for all: the rediscovery of local tourism and increased focus on sport activities such as biking, hiking, swimming, yoga, running and similar. No matter how difficult times lie ahead, people will still do sports, and they will still need clothes.

What will the consumers look for? As it is with any economically challenging times, people will seek a good value for their money. Products, which will last longer, provide great properties and functions, serve their purpose fully, for reasonable, not necessarily the cheapest, price. Other aspects will remain important too. Seeing how fragile our systems can be in the face of the forces of nature, protecting the environment will become an absolute must going forward. If we, as consumers, are going through this change, why not make it sustainable and balanced as we go?


In short: good quality, good value, suitable functionality and environmentally friendly. We believe GAC can tick all boxes and provide you with proven, ready for market fabrics to give you the edge and make your products succeed.