As a successful business GAC believes that it is a part of our mission to look for opportunities to support young and creative minds, students and start-ups. Today, we are honoured to present a young designer from London, Savvas Alexander, and his graduate collection of the menswear course at London College of Fashion.

Savvas Alexander is a recent menswear graduate from the London College of Fashion specialising in creating beautifully fluid garments that fulfil a high level of technical construction and ingenuity. His recent graduate collection and body of work surrounding, has earned him a place to study at the prestigious Royal College of Art, where he will look to expand his practice into material science development, whilst continuing to refine his techniques in garment engineering and construction.

Savvas‘ Collection 001, titled ‘As The Lotus Blooms‘ is based on the narrative of uncovering deceit. Inspired by themes of surreal biological reconfiguration, the project lives in an entirely interwoven world between fashion and film. The core of Savvas’ ‘As The Lotus Blooms’ collection is creating beautifully fluid garments that focus on technical construction, and placing this inside a surreal environments through working within the Interzone.

Savvas Alexander: As The Lotus Blooms

As Savvas Alexander puts it: „The partial sponsorship by GAC enabled my work both from alleviating the financial boundaries I face but also due to the nature of their fabrics, allowing my garments to be functional within performance. It is these fabric qualities that has driven me into wanting to push material science development within my future work.“

To get in touch with Savvas Alexander, make sure to follow him on Instagram: @savvasa_.

Final Thoughts

Perhaps most interestingly, it is the upcoming designer’s concept of combining fashion with high level performance and functionality that stands out the most. It validates one of the trends of today: functionality becomes increasingly important not only for sports and active wear, but also for fashionable styles. At GAC, we are ready to offer knitted fabrics offering both: great aesthetics alongside performance.

Collection by Savvas Alexander | Photography by Melina Petsolari | Jewellery by Suki Liang