Full garment recycling is becoming an important part of the route towards a more sustainable future. Giving your products the possibility for another life is not only good for the environment, but also an important buying reason for your customers. In sportswear, we face complications due to the need for stretch. With comfort and performance reasons in mind, elastane is the number one choice.

Below, we present to you a couple of options, which introduce stretch property without the use of elastane, making the full garment recycling process much easier. COOLMAX T400, polyester PBT fibres or Springfil ATY yarn: the options for lighter stretch without any elastane. All available in recycled versions, with original hangtags from yarn manufacturers for extra marketability.



COOLMAX is a well known material with great functionality. This fabric can be made recycled using COOLMAX EcoMade.

Picture of KS5T696


A light weight base layer with stretch almost unrecognisable from elastane fabrics, using polyester PBT yarn.

Picture of C-KD2T571


C-KD2T571 is a double knitted base layer made with COOLMAX technology, now available in EcoMade version sourced from textile waste.

Picture of R-KS5T696-1


This base layer uses COOLMAX EcoMade, a 100% recycled material with permanent moisture-wicking performance. Hangtags available.

Picture of KS5T592


Featuring ATY polyester yarn, this fabrics allows for gentle stretch on top of increased breathability and cotton touch.

Picture of KS5T725-1


Another example of an ATY yarn, a textured material to bring natural touch and look, alongside better breathablity and stretch.