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This sample book contains a large selection of sustainable fabrics using the latest fibres and technology to reduce environmental footprint of the product. Fabrics made with SeaCell, Smartcel Sensitive, Umrofil, Cupro, recycled polyester, recycled nylon and dope dyed yarn are featured.

Includes a selection of fabric with weight of around 125 gsm and lower. Polyester, nylon, Coolmax and bamboo are featured prominently, with and without elastane content.

General selection of GAC’s popular knitted fabrics as well as recently developed items. This samplebook showcases a range of constructions and materials, from jerseys and interlocks, to softshells, fleece, jacquards and others.

A new collection featuring a limited series of woven fabrics, with the quality and service associated with GAC brand. Order this samplebook today to sustainable sportswear woven items.

A broad variety of the most sold items we currently offer, featuring some of the most proven and reliable fabrics with great value. With running items, we are often able to offer stock fabric option or lower MOQs / MCQs. Contact us for more information.

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