In July 22 – 23, GAC exhibited at Functional Fabric Fair powered by Performance Days and it marked the first time GAC presented its products to the audience in New York.

First of all, massive thanks to all of our visitors, who took the time to stop by at our booth to talk about some of the best knitted fabrics out there. It was a pleasure meeting you and we hope to stay in touch.

Since this was the first time we joined Performance Days exhibition based in US, we had little expectations. We are very happy to say that we were pleasantly surprised by the amount of visitors, and the quality of organisation. Despite being on the other side of the world, Functional Fabric Fair seem to have inherited the calm, professional and business oriented atmosphere of Performance Days. While smaller in size, the show provides a good match between exhibitors and visitors, making relationships happen and opening leads in the local and global market.

Our visitors were especially interested in our ability to provide various range of knitted fabrics, from up market latest developments, such as Umorfil or SeaCell blends, to the high performing but affordable synthetic fabrics. A big attention was given to KB9T494-1, a soft shell fabric displayed in the forum, for its good performance and pleasant touch.

With these thoughts in mind, GAC will be pleased to return to New York next year and exhibit again. Mark the dates today: July 20-21 2020, New York.