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Since 2003, a leading supplier of high performance fabrics.

GAC 2003 is a Taiwanese textile company

About GAC 2003

Grandtek Asia Corporation (GAC 2003) is a Taiwanese textile company specialised in knitted fabrics and providing high performance fabrics to customers and partners all over the world.

GAC 2003 was established in 2003, and since, it has become a leading manufacturer of functional high-performance fabrics. From its state of-the art production facility in Taiwan and a representative office established in Munich, Germany, GAC 2003 supplies over 10 of the world’s leading brands, including Head, Endura, Vaude, Hugo Boss, Louis Garneau, SALEWA, Babolat, Swany and others.

GAC 2003 focuses on the development of innovative fabrics for a wide range of sportswear, casual wear, and other functional applications. Textiles available include those with advanced thermal, moisture-managing, anti-bacterial, anti-mosquito, UV protection, and environmental friendly properties, ensuring that the precise needs of every customer can be met with a main goal in mind: to become the top supplier for world-class brands.

GAC 2003 has been meeting the environmental and social commitments for over a decade, setting standards in developing eco-friendly and sustainable fabrics by using innovative renewable natural and recycled materials with sustainable production.

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Fabrics Available


We continuously research new ideas and transform them into fabrication.


We are committed to excellence in the whole process, from manufacturing to dyeing and finishing the fabric.


Our customers are at heart of all what we do, from first steps to listening to their feedback.


From developing eco-friendly and sustainable fabrics to shipment, we take a good care of our planet.

“GAC believes that a successful business needs to treat the world ecologically, which we have striven for in the past few years, combining our ideas and technology to deliver the best products for our customers with the utmost care for environment.”


CEO, GAC 2003

GAC Cares: Charity & Green Efforts

Orphans in Vietnam have been fighting to improve their lives by selling their own unique handmade crafts and embroidery.

GAC would like to support them in any possible way, to give hope and make them feel loved. That is why we purchased hundreds of their products and pledges ourselves to raise awareness about children and young adults, who found themselves in unfortunate living conditions.

GAC 2003 cares not only about environment, but also people finding themselves in difficult life conditions.
The headquarters of Grandtek Asia Corp.

Energy saving External Wall System: double Low-E glass enabling natural light.

Central Air Conditioning System: Ice-storage air-conditioning system and DC inverted frequency smart energy saving fans are set for low energy usage.

High efficiency total heat exchanger is adopted for each floor, enabling supply of fresh air as well as sufficient heat recovery to save energy and reduce emission.

High efficiency LED lighting for energy conservation and emission reduction.

Water Retention System: ecological landscape planting and rainwater recycling.

Renewable Energy: solar and wind power generation system.

Achieved a diamond mark of green building for ecology, energy saving, waste reduction and health index evaluation.

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