A great trade show for performance textiles: GAC is excited to be returning to Portland, US, again this April. We invite all of you to join and meet us for a chat over our latest fabrics.

When:     April 17 to April 18 2024
Where:    Oregon Convention Center, 777 NE Martin Luther King Jr Blvd,
Portland, OR 97232
Booth:     booth 1605

At our booth, you will find the latest fabrics with Naia™ and Naia™ Renew Acetate. Bio-based, biodegradable material backed by certifications for greener tomorrow, offering fast dry times and lesser soaking suitable for sports textiles. Combined with an affordable price tag, it makes Naia™ the upmost candidate to finally stir the world of sports clothes so far mostly made with polyester and nylon.

It would be our pleasure to welcome you at our booth in Portland and show you our latest innovations and developments or to discuss your specific sourcing needs. Contact us today at GAC@gac2003.com to arrange a meeting.

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Naia™ is a great up and coming material combining outstanding eco-friendly features (biobased, biodegradable, circular) with performance, usability and affordable price tag. A material which can redefine the shape of textile industry in the future.

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Naia™ is a greatly functional material: it offers fast drying times, comparable to polyester, breathability and soft hand feel, alongside being skin-friendly and cool to touch. When blended with recycled or bio polyester, it can provide the performance of a functional baselayer for even the most intense excercise.

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Naia™ and Naia™ Renew are made from sustainably sourced wood pulp and acid acetate. The Renew version goes a step further by sourcing the acid from hard to recycled plastic materials. Production is circular: over 99% of chemicals are reused during production process.

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Naia™ is not only functional, it is also a strong yarn with good dimensional stability, draping and pilling resistance. Due to these feature, it is easy to care for Naia™ garment at home meaning your favourite clothes can stay with you longer.