As summer draws to a close, we eagerly anticipate the arrival of Performance Days, the premier exhibition for performance textiles and fabrics. Join us on October 4th and 5th in Munich, Germany, for an inspiring showcase of the latest innovations and trends in our industry. We look forward to welcoming you at our booth Y04 in hall A5.

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As a sneak peak of what to expect from us during the show, we present to you our Top Picks. We are pleased to introduce new qualities with Naia™ Renew Acetate, the up-and-coming natural fiber that is set to redefine performance clothes. Additionally, there is a remarkable PUFY fabric, boasting an intelligent porous design engineered to keep wearers comfortable in fluctuating temperatures. And finally, a heavy compression fabrics for more technical applications.

Picture of R-KS5TR818


Featuring 50% Recycled Polyester and 50% Naia™ Renew Acetate, this is a softness and natural fabric for a performance top.

Picture of KS5T814


PUFY polyester fabric offer top performance and temperature regulation, with sponge like hand feel and natural touch.

Picture of R-KS5TR819


Also featuring 50% Recycled Polyester and 50% Naia™ Renew Acetate, and additionally boosting eye-catching texture.

Picture of KD2T1050


Sometimes, you need tried and true technical textile: KD2T1050 is a heavy compression fabric to suit many functional applications.