Great news! Some of our fabrics were elected by the ISPO jury for  ISPO TEXTRENDS!

Specifically, these fabrics have been awarded:



has been elected in the TOP 10 of the SECOND LAYER category.

KF8TS877 is a 90% Polyester and 10% Silk blend with odor control and superior comfort functions. Read more about KF8TS877!

GAC 2003 has been experimenting with silk as a part of our devotion to innovation – while silk is a well-known material, GAC wants to find its best application for the functional clothing. Silk is sought after for its luxurious feel and superior comfort on skin – an ideal material to use for fleece and base layer clothing. For a natural fibre, our silk blends have Quick Dry and thermal properties.

In real world performance application, silk works well for babies and children – to keep them warm with a natural hand feel and with anti-odour properties. Both children and their parents can be comfortable. An interesting fact: the use of silk almost imitates the functions of a polar bear fur – soft and warm.


kb9rs671-800    ispo-selection

has been elected in the SELECTION of the MEMBRANES & COATINGS category.

KB9RS671 is made of 47% Tencel, 16% SeaCell and 37% Polyurethane, creating a great mixture between performance and eco-friendly materials. Find out more about KB9RS671.


r-kd2nt929-1br-800    ispo-selection

has been elected in the SELECTION of the SECOND LAYER category.

R-KD2NT929-1BR is a blend of 49% Nylon. 41% Recycle Polyester and 10% Kapok and as such, it presents Kapok as the new natural and sustainable material with plentiful functions. More about R-KD2NT929-1BR can be found here.